Prince Constantijn: research on big data urgently needed

Policy makers urgently need scientists’ help with the phenomenon of big data. This was the view expressed by Prince Constantijn, speaking at the opening of the Leiden Centre of Data Science, the virtual centre for research on big data at Leiden University.

Snake and scorpion venom for new antibiotics

Hospital bacteria resistant to antibiotics are a growing problem. Together with colleague Michael Richardson and experts from LUMC and Naturalis, Leiden antibiotics expert Gilles van Wezel is searching for new antibiotics in snake and scorpion venom. He will be getting an injection of funds from the NWO to help him do that.

An error rattles the brain temporarily

A slip-up, a speech error or a missed musical note literally knocks us out of our rhythm and makes us slow down, write Leiden psychologists in the Journal of Neuroscience. ‘Due to an “Oops, a mistake!” reaction, the brain becomes momentarily distracted,’ says Leiden scholar Rudy van den Brink, first author of the article.