International Status

Which Nobel prizewinners and other famous researchers have brought international status to Leiden?

Four professors have received the Nobel Prize for their research carried out at Leiden University: Kamerlingh Onnes for Physics, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz and Pieter Zeeman in the field of Optical and Electronic Phenomena, and physiologist Willem Einthoven for his invention of the string galvanometer, which enabled the development of Electrocardiography.
In addition, physicists Albert Einstein and Paul Ehrenfest, Arabic specialist and Islam expert Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje and law expert Cornelis van Vollenhoven are among those who have contributed to the University's position of international prominence.  
More Famous Researchers

How does Leiden maintain its international status as a research university?

Leiden University strongly believes in worldwide co-operation. Top research increasingly means joining forces across boundaries; these may be the boundaries of departmental disciplines, of faculties and of the University itself. Leiden holds a firmly established international position among the top international research institutes in many diverse fields. Many international researchers and students work and study here, and the University enjoys numerous valuable and fruitful contacts with academic establishments throughout the world.
More about the current achievements and laureates at Leiden can be found at Leiden's Laureates and via our research output

Last Modified: 25-06-2009