Leiden University Research Profile

In our globalising world, universities have to face growing, intense competition, both in research and teaching. To maintain and further strengthen our excellence in research, choices have to be made. For this reason, Leiden University has selected 11 research profile areas, most of them with a strong multidisciplinary focus. These areas offer ample opportunity for first-class fundamental research, but they are also strongly linked to key issues prevalent in modern national and international societies.  In the coming years, Leiden University will do its utmost to facilitate excellent research and to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration in these profile areas. 

11 research profile areas

  1. Asian modernities and traditions
  2. Bioscience: the science base of health
  3. Brain function and dysfunction over the lifespan
  4. Fundamentals of science
  5. Global interaction of people, culture and power through the ages
  6. Health, prevention and the human life cycle
  7. Interaction between legal systems
  8. Language diversity in the world
  9. Political legitimacy: institutions and identities
  10. Translational drug discovery and development
  11. Vascular and regenerative medicine 
In Crossing Borders in Fundamental Research Leiden University presents the 11 research areas that form the focus of its research activities.   
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Last Modified: 18-04-2016