26 October: MSAS Lecture Pregnant Males, Barren Mothers and Religious Transvestism: Transcending Gender in Bengali Heterodox Lineages

In her talk, she aims to discuss one particular aspect of the oral literature and of the practices of some Bengali heterodox lineages, whose path towards liberation includes the necessity to transcend one’s own gender identity. Accomplished practitioners are said to be able to “get pregnant”, while enlightened female practitioners are depicted as sterile mothers.

1 November: IIAS Lunch Lecture Caterpillar fungus boom in pastoral Tibet. What remains?

Jack London, writing about the Klondike Gold Rush, remarked that the true consequences of this phenomenon will show themselves only when the gold miners are gone. While most miners lose money on this enterprise rather than earning it, it is the region itself which would benefit the most. What will remain after another, newer ‘gold rush’ phenomenon which we observed during the last decades on the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas?

4 November: Film Screening The World of Us

The World of Us (2016, Yoon Ga-eun, Korean with English Subtitles) Netherlands Premier! Filmmaker in Person! Date: Friday, November 4, 2016 Time: 15:15 Venue: Lipsius, room 0.19, Reuvensplaats 1, 2311 BE Leiden