7 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture Rings of Desire - Beijing as an Ordinary City

An IIAS/UKNA lunch lecture by Professor Jeroen de Kloet. “The city,” so does Robert Park argue in his seminal essay from 1915, “shows the good and evil in human nature in excess.” Which inspires him to read the city as a laboratory to study human behaviour. In my talk I want to connect the notion of excess to the significance of the ring roads in Beijing – an excessive city par excellence , too big, too polluted, too crowded, too ugly, and changing too fast, making one lose his way time and again.

9 December: Lecture Becoming a 'Capable' Man in China

Rural-urban migration has resulted in a series of socio-cultural transformations in China, including changing geographical re-locations, living arrangements, as well as interpersonal relations. The lecture addresses my on-going study on male migrant workers in China. It pays particular attention to the negotiation and enactment of  singlehood, against the dominant cultural discourse of heteronormativity. This discussion aims critically to examine the western notion of a crisis of masculinity, and to question the meanings of masculinity in China, which is beyond a Eurocentric perspective.