AMT Phase 2 Funding Possibilities

We have chosen for a more focussed, open and competitive model of funding than AMT1. In addition to some smaller funding programmes, the bulk (up to 850k) of AMT2 funding will be allocated competitively to teams of 2-5 Asia researchers in Leiden, who will be given a budget of €100-150k to develop a field of Asia research and teaching in the course of a 2-3 year period. AMT2 will also continue with the AMT Reasearch Funding scheme for individual and network funding.

Large grants (€100.000-150.000 each, total budget 850.000 period 2015-2018)

Our key criteria in selecting large grant proposals are:
1) develops a field or approach to an aspect of Asian studies that broadens or extends currently existing expertise, research and teaching in Leiden;
2) involves and develops long-term cooperation between two or more institutes or faculties in Leiden; 
3) increases the visibility and impact of Asian studies in Leiden.

Large grant funding can be used for partial teaching buyout for Leiden staff, the appointment of a postdoc or visiting scholar, stipends for ResMA or PhD students, research costs, conferences, lectures, seminars, or (if an exceptionally  strong case is made) the appointment of a salaried PhD student. Co-funding from another internal or external source will be highly desirable and should be specified in the application. Special priority will be given to proposals that include the development of innovative (Research) MA teaching programmes/courses with broad international appeal that operate along inter-faculty lines, set Leiden apart from other universities and have the potential to attract excellent students.

Output ought to include a combination of external grant applications (for instance a Horizon 2020 collaborative project), teaching programmes or courses, new academic posts, and impact initiatives. The AMT coordinators will be proactive in bringing teams of Leiden researchers together, but applications will be evaluated competitively in two annual rounds (in 2015 and 2017). All proposals will be submitted to two external (i.e. not Leiden-based) expert reviewers. Final decisions will be made by the AMT coordinators. We expect to fund approximately 6 large grant proposals, 2-4 in 2015 and another 2-4 in 2017.

The first deadline for project proposals was 15 November 2014 (commencement 1 January 2015). There projects were granted. Before issuing the second call for proposals in 2016, we will evaluate the performance and impact of the first round of large grant projects, and adjust the second round call specifications accordingly.


Funding structure and targeted outputs for the large grants

1.      Post-doc positions or teaching buyout for established staff. A postdoctoral researcher and/or bought-out Leiden academic staff will be primarily responsible for the development, organization and intellectual coherence of the large grant project, including research publications (books, articles), conferences, grant applications, briefing papers and outreach events;

2.      ResMA or PhD stipends. Stipends will be used to attract excellent MA and PhD students to Leiden. Leiden’s failure to provide funding to postgraduate students, especially those from outside the EU who are liable to substantial fees, is one of the main reasons why we do not attract as many excellent Research MA and PhD students as we should. Stipends are intended to remedy this situation with a relatively modest investment in a larger number of fee waivers and maintenance grants rather than funding a very limited number of fully employed PhD students. The chief output will be the students’ dissertation and contributions to research, publications and impact events of the project;

3.      Visiting scholars/writers in residence. Distinguished lecturers/writers in residence for the preparation of an academic or popularizing publication. This funding scheme is explicitly intended to enhance the visibility and impact of Asian research in Leiden. Lectures and workshops by distinguished visitors who will be in Leiden for a period of a few weeks or months will enable us actively to engage other academic and non-academic institutions with an interest in Asia research, such as museums, businesses, NGOs and government departments.

4.      Organization of a conference on a theme/topic, including a graduate seminar, leading to the publication of an edited volume or a special issue of a (peer-reviewed) journal. These will be among our flagship activities intended to cement our international collaboration and visibility in the world of Asian studies, also and especially in Asia itself;

5.      Workshop with potential consortium partners in a research proposal for an external grant;

6.      Application for an external research grant or a combination of external grants. Depending on the theme this can be a consortium application within the Societal Challenges Pillar of Horizon 2020, the KNAW/NWO China programme, or individual application(s) for ERC, Marie Curie, Vernieuwingsimpuls, or other funding agencies.


Individual and Network Funding

AMT2 offers two additional types of funding:

1) AMT2 Individual funding up to a maximum of €2,000 and
2) AMT2 Network funding up to a maximum of €5,000.

Applications will be assessed primarily on innovative potential and academic excellence. The funding cannot be used strictly for individual research purposes, including PhD research, or to cover research leave.

Individual funding
Individual funding up to a maximum of €2,000

The focus of this funding is mainly on research leading towards international collaboration.

Funding will be granted upon receipt of all invoices justifying the expenses. Advance payments are not possible.

All funding must be claimed within 12 months upon grant allocation.

However, in certain cases (ongoing seminar/lecture series at Leiden University) an extension can be obtained if the applicant justifies/requests this in writing.

If AMT funding is granted to cover travel expenses, please book all you flights via the university ATP Travel Desk.

Individual grants will normally not exceed €2,000.

Network funding
Network funding up to a maximum of €5,000

AMT will award two network grants per year. The money will be used to assist collaborative events, such as workshops or working meetings intended to discuss a particular call for proposals.

The applicant(s) should already have a draft application in hand prior to the AMT funding.

The money can be used for travel purposes for participants from partner universities involved in the application.

Application Procedure
Application is open to all academic staff, including postdoctoral researchers, working at Leiden University.

To apply for the AMT Research Funding please use this application form.

AMT Assistance
AMT will help you with dissemination via the AMT website and AMT News updates. If the AMT funding is used for workshops or conferences, the applicant is in charge of their organization (booking rooms, catering, etc.). AMT is not in charge of booking flights or arranging accommodation for guest speakers.

Last Modified: 13-11-2015