20 February: Hand-weaving as heritage

12.30 - 13.45 hrs

IIAS Conference room
Rapenburg 59

Sandra van der Horst

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Hand-weaving as heritage: The making of a "craft tradition" and the politics of cloth in colonial and post colonial south India

Focusing on the biography of a culturally valued cloth, the silk and gold contrast-bordered “wedding sari” of Tamil Nadu in south India, she will discuss the twentieth century construction of hand-weaving as an inherited “craft tradition”. She examines the reformist and revivalist agendas of state and non-state actors and institutions, to foreground the politics of cloth within a wider, hegemonic process of traditionalization of India’s techno-culture in modernity. Some of the questions her research poses include - How was hand-weaving implicated in the construction of a national and regional heritage? Who are the living repositories of this commingled past? Are they mere place-holders of culture or do they have any claims of their own?

IIAS Lunch Lectures

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