20 March: Dao/Tao: What? or How?

12.30 - 15.45 hrs

IIAS Conference room
Rapenburg 59

Sandra van der Horst at a.e.l.van.der.horst@iias.nl

Lunch is provided. Please register using this form.

Dao/Tao: What? or How?

Daoist texts, like Confucian classics, have survived the passage of time not to mention the vicissitudes of recurring social upheaval and changing philosophical fashions over millennia. Many philosophers and scholars throughout Chinese history have contributed to the dissemination of Daoist philosophy. My current book project is a study of Guo Xiang Commentary to the Zhuangzi (Zhuangzi zhu 《庄子注》), the most influential version of Zhuangzi. Through the lenses provided by Guo Xiang, we can see how Daoism, one of the three main strands of thought, have coexisted and grown with Confucianism and Buddhism. This talk, through the examination of Guo’s interpretation of “Dao” and other related concepts in philosophical and historical exegeses, attempts to demonstrate how Guo Xiang sought to synthesize Confucian ethics within the Daoist philosophy.

IIAS Lunch Lectures

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