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What is the Confucius Institute?

The Confucius Institute is the organization of non-profit and global education which spreads Chinese language and culture through a variety of effected teaching methods and activities so that the Dutch people understand Chinese culture. Now, more than 200 Confucius Institutes have been set up in overall world. Confucius Institute at The Hague was jointly founded by Leiden University and Shandong University of China in October 20, 2006. It designs a wide range of language and culture courses, and organizes various cultural activities and academic exchanges for Dutch social organizations, enterprises and individuals. 

Based on its creation purpose, development background and the cultural differences between China and the Netherlands, the Institute re-establishes its development positioning to construct its WTJK development platform. It integrates a variety of service activities such as cultural exchange, information data, language training and Chinese language examinations etc.


Visiting address
Confucius Instituut
Universiteit Leiden
Reuvensplaats 4
2300 RA Leiden

Phone: +31 (0)71 527 4135  / 1635  /2662


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