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November 2017

30 November: Lecture | Principles, Practice & Pragmatism: Islamic Marriage Registration in Indonesia
28 November: Lecture | Textual and Material Evidence for Links between Vajrayāna and Nāth Yogis in Western India in the 11th to 15th centuries
24 November: 25th Gonda Lecture | Speaking (and Writing) of Secrets: The Esoteric in Classical Sanskrit Traditions
23 November: Lecture | Illustrating the history of Tamerlane
16 November: IIAS Lunch Lecture | Muharram practices and colonial histories at the cutting edge of a forgotten scroll
15 November: Deadline Call for Papers | Workshop Urban Utopias: Memory, Rights, and Speculation
15 November: Lecture | Politics after National Development: Explaining the Populist Rise under Late Capitalism
13 November: CHIRRS Lecture | UN Human Rights Politics at the Sunset of the French Empire
10 November: AMT Panel discussion | Looking back at the Leiden Asia Year, Studying in/at Leiden from an Asian Perspective
10 November: IIAS Masterclass | Between earth and water: Mainamati and Vikrampur in South and East Bengal
3 November: Gravensteen Lecture | Spaces of Enslavement: Rethinking the Architecture of the Castle/Dungeon
1 November: Deadline Call for submissions IIAS National Master's Thesis Prize in Asian Studies 2017
1 November: China Seminar | On a Newly Discovered See Fish Album (Haiyu tu, 1736) and the Formation of Knowledge in the 18th Century China

October 2017

31 October: UKNA Lunch Lecture | State building, land tenure and urban development in Dili, Timor-Leste
25 October: KITLV Seminar |‘Agents of Change: The Politics of Good Governance in Democratic Indonesia’ | Christian von Lübke
24 October: IIAS Lunch Lecture | Who was Tuan Guru?
19 October: MSAS Lecture | From Peasant to Entrepreneur: Development, Education and Farming in Northeast India
19 October: KITLV Interdisciplinary symposium to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the Botanical Gardens in Bogor | ‘Plant Science at Bogor Botanical Gardens, 1817-2017’
18 October: China Seminar | Of Spongers, Sharpers, and Cannibal Eunuchs: The Swindle Story around the World
17 October: IIAS Lunch Lecture | South-Atlantic fishing in Morocco in the framework created by the Japanese cooperation
16 October: Haagsch College: North Korea lecture
16 October: Lecture/Workshop | Workshop on the CPC’s 19th Party Congress
16 October: IIAS Roundtable | Contemporary South Asia: Zone, Construct, Artifact
13 October: Oratie | "Sempre rubato ma non a piacere: de voortdurende noodzaak van rechtsdifferentiatie in Indonesië"
12 October: UKNA Lecture | Urban Development Dilemmas
12 October: Lecture | The Invisible Muslim: Dissent, Media and the Crisis of Secularism in India
10 October: PhD Defence | Visualizing the classics: Reading surimono and kyōka books as social and cultural history
10 October: IIAS Lunch Lecture | Art in Indonesia versus Indonesian Art: Problems in the Historiography of Indonesian Art
6 October: IIAS Lunch Lecture | The function of Ki suryŏn (氣修練) in Korean society 
6 October: Gravensteen Lecture | Early Islamic art exhibits and sales in Paris (1865-1869)
5 October: Lecture | Bringing the Past to Life: Epic Narration in Central Asia
5 October: IIAS Lecture | In the dock: representations of the Khmer Rouge in trials (1979-present day) 
4 October: Lecture | Gandhinama: Mahatma Gandhi’s personal and public life
4 October: Lecture | Recasting Gendered Paradigms: An Indonesian Cleric and Muslim Women in the Malay World
4 October: China Seminar | You Must Create! Rethinking the Creativity Discourse in China

September 2017

28 September: PhD Defence The Morph-Syntax of Aspect in Xiāng Chinese
27 September: India in Leiden Lectures - The Indian Ocean World / Decolonization in South Asia
27 September: IIAS Asian Food Summer School public lecture and tasting | Soy Sauce: Taste and Beyond
25 September: IIAS Asian Food Summer School Monday Film | The Lunchbox
21 September: IIAS Lunch Lecture | Trafficking Asian children through international adoptions: a discussion on the making of "Shambala Junction"
20 September: Seminar "The Pamir languages: aspects of grammar"
20 September: India in Leiden Lecture - Mujarewali: Courtesans and their art of seduction
14 September: Lecture Dressing the Stans. Textiles and Dress from Central Asia by Dr. Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood
14 September: Leiden Asia Year - Grand opening Asian Library
13 September: Leiden Asia Year Graduate Conference: De-bordering Asia
13 September: China Seminar - Going South or going sour? Chinese pressure on Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy
13 September: India in Leiden Lecture - Buddhism in India
12 September: Peter Frankopan to open the new TRC exhibition Dressing the "Stans": Textiles, dress and jewellery from Central Asia
11 September: KITLV Lecture ‘Muslim Shrines in the Malay world: Scattered, Contentious, and Illuminating Inscriptions in the Landscape’ | Sumit Mandal
11 September: Presentation and exhibition "Hidden Gems in Indonesian Manuscripts from the KITLV and Leiden University Library Collections"
8 September: Gravensteen Lecture | Social Inequality in the World: Tombs and Burial Places
8 September: Lecture Towards a Transcultural History of Diplomacy by Matsukata Fuyuko (University of Tokyo) 

June 2017

29 June: PhD Defence |Persatuan pemuda muslim se-eropa: identity,encouragement for giving, and network,1971-2009
27 June: KITLV Leiden Southeast Asia Seminar | Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar | Leiden Asia Year
22 June: VVIK Lecture | Kṛṣṇa, the butter-thief from North to South, Back and Forth
16 June: Conference | Tibetan Buddhists and the Law
15 June: Faculty Roundtable | Global Flows, local Agencies, significant Pasts: Perspectives in Museum History and contemporary Art
14 June: Masterclass | Alternative Archaeologies, multiple Agencies, hidden Narratives
9 June: Conference | The Launch of the new Language Learning Resource Centre
9 June: Gravensteen Lecture | Thomas Cole's Journey: Atlantic Crossings
8 June: IIAS Lunch Lecture | Alcohol on pre-Islamic Java (800-1500 CE). Cultural, social and ritual uses of an 'unholy' brew
7 June: IIAS Lecture | Channeling Ho Chi Minh: Portrait of two spirit mediums
7 June: KITLV | Framing Asia
6 June: Annual LeidenGlobal Lecture: Heritage on the Move
6 June: LeidenGlobal Graduate Workshop
6 June: IIAS Lecture | The Complexity and Structure of Modern & Contemporary Art History in Asia
2 June: Lecture Colloquim Reforming Democracy by Graham Parkes (Hawai'i)
1 June 2017-3 June 2017: Conference | Slavery and forced labour in Asia, c. 1250-c.1900: continuities and transformations in comparative perspective
1 June: PhD Defence | Reenchanting Buddhism via Modernizing Magic: Guru Wuguang of Taiwan’s Philosophy and Science of ‘Superstition’
1 June: VVI Lecture | Options for Preventing Land Conflict

May 2017

22-24 May: KITLV Adat law 100 years on: Towards a new interpretation? | Leiden Asia Year
23 May: UKNA Urban Asia presentation series Struggle for Urban Space: Politics of Slums in India’s top Smart City, Bhubaneswar
23 May: LIPS 2017 Conference Tradition and Innovation in Indian Philosophy
17-18 May: Conference Buddhist Studies in Leiden
13 May: KITLV Stories and Storytelling in the Indonesian Archipelago | Leiden Asia Year
10 May: IIAS Seminar City & Society: the care of the self
3 May: PhD Defence Andrea Giolai: Decentering Gagaku
2 May: IIAS Lunch Lecture Gods Imprisoned. Religious Economy and Heritage Making in Modern Rajasthan

April 2017

21 April: China’s Global Economy Power: Towards a New Era?
20 April: IIAS Lunch Lecture Tackling the growing flood risk in the Pearl River Delta: urban climate change adaptation with Chinese characteristics?
18 April: MSAS Lecture Methamorphoses of Media: Between the Law and the Street in Tamil Politics
12 April: Public lecture Buddhist Studies: In search of Buddhist Western Tibet
11 April: KITLV Framing Asia | Film screening on on popcultures and subcultures | Leiden Asia Year
11 April: KITLV The French memory of the Indochina War (1945—1954) | Leiden Asia Year
11 April: Frederik van Oudenhoven presents the documentary film Wisdom of the Mountains
11 April: IIAS Book presentation Held's History of Sumbawa. An Annotated Translation
11 April: KITLV Walking with Indonesia (until 1 October)| Leiden Asia Year
11 April: IIAS and Shared Taste workshop Global Jars: Asian Containers as (Trans)Cultural Enclosures
6 April: Seminar Reflections on India and China: From Civilisation to Climate Change
6 April: VVIK Lecture Flowers, daggers, and bitten lips: citrakāvya in Sanskrit literature
6 April: PhD Defence An Incomplete Inquiry: Reading the Filial Piety Stories through Lacan, or the Other Way Around…

March 2017

31 March: Gravensteen Lecture Escape from Rome: The Death of an Empire and the Birth of the Modern West 
30 March: Deadline final Call For Applications Prague Summer School
30 March: Lecture Quranic Women's Schools in China’s Little Mecca
23 March: Lecture Becoming Global Hindus: Hindu Nationalist Training Camps and the Indian Diaspora
23 March: IIAS Lunch Lecture Tackling the growing flood risk in the Pearl River Delta: urban climate change adaptation with Chinese characteristics?
21 March: PhD Defence The "characterization" of Japan: From Merchandising to Identity
20-22 March: Two Lectures on Japanese and Cross-Cultural Philosophy 20 March: IIAS/LAC/Shared Tasted Project Deadline Call for Applications Summer School Asian Food: History, Anthropology, Sociology
17 March: LUCIS Annual Lecture | Sharia, Law, and China
17 March: IIAS Symposium Collecting Asia
15 March: Lecture Soundscapes of Uyghur Islam
14 March: PhD Defence Emancipation in Postmodernity: Political Thought in Japanese Science Fiction Animation
14 March: KITLV Framing Asia | Film screening on disaster and the failing state | Leiden Asia Year 
9 March IIAS Lunch Lecture Protectors of the Sea: Piracy and Economies of Capture in the Indian Ocean
9 March KITLV/Amnesty International Seminar The Politics of Islam in Indonesia: Jakarta elections and beyond | Leiden Asia Year
8 March: Lecture Shifting borders between the Indian Ocean and the Himalayan world
8 March: China Seminar 'Little India' in China: Indian Traders in a Chinese Fabric Market
6 March: Masterclass Reconstructing Urban Landscapes from Texts: Prospects and Problems
2 March: Lecture Sino-Arab Cultural Exchanges under Cultural Policies of the Arab League
2 March: Award Ceremony IIAS National Master’s Thesis Prize in Asian Studies 2016
2 March: KITLV Seminar Being harmed while doing good: Working in and against a moral atmosphere of ‘development as a share’ | Leiden Asia Year
1 March: Application Deadline Central Asia Fieldwork Grants

February 2017

28 February: Lecture An Afghan Prince at Queen Victoria’s Court
28 February: IIAS Lunch Lecture Opening up cartographic studies to insights from Global History: The case of Japan
28 February: Lecture Border Consolidation in Liaoning: From Chen Yun to Xi Jinping
23 February: KITLV Shaming the State: Piety, Pornography, and Celebrity Preachers in Indonesia | Leiden Asia Year
23 February: Lecture The Tear-Drenched Tumen: The Psychological Impact of Border Changes Depicted in Zhang Lu’s Tumen River (2011) 21-24 February: Reframing Cinema: A Festival of Neo-Realist Classics from India
17 February: VVIK Lecture Śobhākareśvara on Metaphor without Similarity
16 February: KITLV Film studies in Indonesia: An experiment of a new generation | Leiden Asia Year
9 February: Opening Conference of the Leiden Asia Year: The Netherlands, China and Europe
7 February: IIAS Lunch Lecture Soaking Ecologies: swamps, law and the East India Company in Bengal
7 February: Lecture The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976
7 February: KITLV Framing Asia | Filmscreening on transgender issues in Indonesia
3 February: Gravensteen Lecture | Rationality, Alienation, and the Political Enlightenment: Themes from Gandhi
2 February: PhD Defence Retrieving the Past Glory: Social Memory, Transnational Networks and Christianity in Contemporary China

January 2017

31 January: Deadline The Prague Summer Schools
31 January: Call for papers | Conference ‘Adat Law 100 years later: Towards a new interpretation?’
31 January: PhD Defence Cards of A Party Regime: Controlled Election and Mobilized Representation in Chinese Local Congresses
27-28 January: Conference Global Regionalism
11 January-14 January: Second Beijing-Leiden Conference in Philosophy    

December 2016

20 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture South-Atlantic fishing in Morocco in the framework created by Japanese cooperation
15 December: Deadline AMT2 Research Funding   
13 December: IIAS Lecture T2F-A Safe Haven for Karachites
12 December: IIAS Conference Ocean of Law II: Islamic Legal Crossings in the Indian Ocean World
9 December: Lecture Becoming a ‘Capable’ Man in China 
8-12 December: KITLV Conference 'From Clients to Citizens? Citizenship in Democratising Indonesia'  
8 December: IIAS Annual Lecture After the Silk Roads: Asia, Europe, and the Discovery of the Americas
7 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture Rings of Desire - Beijing as an Ordinary City
6 December: KITLV Film screening ‘Pulau Buru Tanah Air Beta (Buru Island My Homeland)’ 
1 December: LUCIS-Gravensteen Lecture | Wen-chin Ouyang

November 2016

30 November: Deadline Applications Sarawak Museum Campus Fellowships 2017 | Malaysia
30 November: IIAS Call for papers- Globalized Thailand? Connectivity, Conflict and Conundrums of Thai Studies
30 November: PhD Defence Rosalien van der Poel-Made for Trade-Made in China
30 November: Lecture Political Risk Assessment with Chinese Characteristics: Venezuela and Beyond 
30 November: MSAS Lecture The ‘Muslim area’ as a regional centre: Finding a way out of the ‘ghetto’ in scholarship of Indian Muslims 
30 November: Lecture The architectural landscape of the city of Khiva (Khorezm). From medieval town to the theatrical scenery of "Eastern cities"
29 November: Symposium Chinese export paintings: studies and interpretations
28 November: Symposium Global Food History
28 November: 28 November: ‘Nationalism’, ‘internationalism’ and ‘collective memory’ in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia
28 November: Masterclass Epigraphy of Khorezm. Arab, Turkish and Persian texts
25 November: IIAS Workshop China-Africa From Below: Intimacy, Desire and (Mis-)Communication 
25 November: Lecture Gender Inequality in China 
25 November: IIAS Gonda Lecture Monuments of Hope, Gloom, and Glory in the Age of the Hunnic Wars (484-534)
24 November: VVIK Lecture The Indian Temple -- Production, Place and Patronage 
23-25 November: LUCIS 7th Annual Conference: Memory and Commemoration in Islamic Central Asia
23 November: China Seminar How Did East Asians Become Yellow? 
23 November: IIAS Outreach PLACEBO - Film screening and conversation with director Abhay Kumar
22 November: IIAS Lecture Consonant doubling in Khmer words: Is it inspired by Pāṇini’s aphorisms?
21 November: Monumental epigraphy of Transoxiana in the Timurid period: poets, craftsmen and patrons 17 November: LUCIS Lecture Friendship among Women in Arabic and Chinese Literatures
11 November: Lecture Localism in Early 19th-century Japan: Literature, Book Illustrations and Prints
11 November: Lecture Dokdo/Takeshima Territorial Dispute and Social Activism in Japan and Korea
10 November: Ideologies vs. historiographies in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia
10 November: North Korean exiles speaking in public
9 November: China Seminar Fandom Publics: The Internet and New Social Formation in China  
8 November: KITLV Seminar by Todd Wassel | ‘Political, iterative, culturally sensitive security and justice reform in Timor-Leste’
7 November: VVI Conference Seminar: Academic research and evidence-based policies in Timor-Leste and Indonesia
4 November: Film Screening The World of Us
3 November: KITLV Seminar by Grace Chin | ‘Female virtue in Peranakan Chinese writings in colonial Java’
1 November: IIAS Lunch Lecture Caterpillar fungus boom in pastoral Tibet. What remains?

October 2016

31 October: Deadline Call For Panels EuroSEAS Conference 2017 (University of Oxford)
27 October: PhD Defence Priya Swamy-'Let us Live as Hindus': Narrating Hindu Identity through Temple Building Processes in Amsterdam Zuidoost (1989-2015)
27 October: KITLV Seminar by Ariel Heryanto | Decolonializing Indonesia: The Left and Indonesia Calling 
26 October: PhD Defence Wenxing Wang-A Social History of Painting Inscriptions in the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644)
26 October: MSAS Lecture Pregnant Males, Barren Mothers and Religious Transvestism: Transcending Gender in Bengali Heterodox Lineages
21 October: Lecture Capturing papered life at the crossroad of socio-legal studies, ethnography and medical regulation
21 October: IIAS Book launch Gandhi's Outstanding Leadership
20 October: IIAS UKNA-Urban Asia presentation series-Kolkata in her maiden collection of shorts - GARIAHAT JUNCTION 18 October: IIAS Lunch Lecture Reimagining Beauty and the Beast: social stratification through human - animal metamorphosis at the Sino-Russian border
20 October: Lecture Tomoko Ako-Gongming shehui (Civil society) and the prospect of democratization in China
20 October: KITLV Seminar by Stéphanie Benzaquen | ‘Images of Khmer Rouge atrocities, 1975-2015’ 
20 October: Leiden Asia Centre Techtalk Cross-cultural business: Asia
19 October: China Seminar Evolution and Ethics and the Transformation of Knowledge in Modern China 
12 October: Gravensteen Lecture | Indigenous Knowledge: how far from Marcgraf are we now?
11 October: LIAS- An informal roundtable discussion with Prof. Li ZHANG (University of California, Davis)
11 October: IIAS Filmscreening Tempo Chalak
10 October: Lecture by Beatrice Penati- Bitter truths: Common-pool resources, industrialisation, and the global history of Central Asian wormwood
7 October: IIAS Masterclass Sanskrit culture on the Silk Road: Buddhist paintings at Kucha 
6 October: IIAS Lecture Buddhist Stories Carved in Stone: On the Techniques of Narrative Representation in Ancient India

September 2016

30 September: MSAS Modern South Asia Seminar-South Asia Social
29 September: KITLV Seminar by Anton Aliabbas | ‘Military Politics during Indonesia’s Dwikora Operation (Konfrontasi, 1963-67)’ 
22 September: KITLV Seminar by James Scambary | ‘The political economy of conflict: East Timor 2000-2016’
Devin DeWeese is the Central Asia Visiting Professor in September 2016

June 2016

2 June: IIAS Workshop Changing Governance in Asia
2 June: Lecture Kāman, Kāmyaka & Kāmyakeśvara: Material Religion in Early Medieval Rajasthan (8th-10th century CE)
2 June: KITLV Seminar by Ana Dragojlovic | ‘Violent histories and embodied memories: Affectivity of ‘The Look of Silence’
3 June | Gravensteen Lecture | The Bandung Spirit in the Geopolitics of Translation
3 June: Poetry as Resistance: Islam and Ethnicity in Postcolonial Pakistan
3 June: Lecture The Śrīvaiṣṇava Commentarial and Sectarian Literatures in Tamil-Sanskrit Maṇipravāḷam
7 June: IIAS Lunch Lecture Pavilion desire. India at the Venice Biennale in contemporary times
9 June: IIAS Lunch Lecture Planetary Urbanization and Human Flourishing – Alternative Concepts of the Future of Cities in Asia 9-11 June: Conference Waste in Asia Conference
15 June: Deadline AMT2 Research Funding
15 June: KITLV Workshop ‘Violence, displacement and muslim movements in Southeast Asia’
16 June: Book Presentations "China's Long Quest for Democracy" & "Evolving Identity Politics and Cross-Strait Relations: Bridging Theories of International Relations and Nationalism"
16 June: 8th Southeast Asia Update with focus on Regionalism, Climate Change, and Religious Renewal
22-24 June: Conference Interfaith Love: Love, Sex and Marriage in the Islamicate World from the Middle Ages to the Present
23 June: IIAS Workshop Indian medicine: Between state and village
28 June: PhD Defence Kathryn Emerson Transforming Wayang For Contemporary Audiences: Dramatic Expression in Purbo Asmoro’s Style, 1989-2015
28 June: PhD Defence Audrey Heijns Translating China: Henri Borel (1869-1933)
29 June: PhD Defence Mei-Wen Chen Gendered Ritual and Performative Literacy: Yao Women, Goddesses of Fertility, and the Chinese Imperial State
30 June: IIAS Conference Lanes and Neighbourhoods in Cities in Asia


May 2016
3 May: UKNA Seminar Citizen Initiatives for Urban Heritage Preservation: The Case of Kad Kong Ta Neighborhood, Lampang, Thailand
4 May: Hu Han (Leiden) A Sociolinguistic Study on Rhoticity in Beijing Mandarin
11 May: KITLV Seminar Citizenship before orientalism: Decolonising postcolonial societies
17 May: GLASS Lecture | Diffracted Histories and Colonial Recursions in these Times
17 May: IIAS Lunch Lecture Jaina epistemologists in the debating hall of classical India
18 May: Wang Man (Leiden) Experimental approach to language production of Mandarin Chinese
18 May: GLASS Masterclass | Affective States: The Politics and History of Sentiment
19 May: GLASS Roundtable | Blind Spots: Seeing Race in the 21st Century
19-20 May: New law, new villages: Changing rural Indonesia
23-25 May: Digital Disruption in Asia: Methods and Issues
25 May: Book presentation: Intellectual Networks in Timurid Iran
26-27 May: The Timurid Period: Cultural Production, Exchange and Legacies
26-28 May: IIAS Conference Heritage as Aid and Diplomacy in Asia

April 2016
1 April: Gravensteen Lecture | Cities of the Settler Revolution: Is Urban Conflict and Segregation in the USA, South Africa, Algeria, and Israel Connected?
6 April: Zou Ting (Leiden) Processing of lexical tones by Dutch learners of Mandarin
14 April: Demographic Transformation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh: Causes, consequences and future prospects
15 April: The Emergence of the Himalayas as a Sacred Landscape
20 April: Wu Juan (Leiden) Contact-Induced Grammatical Creations: Through the Lens of Chinese Buddhist Translations
21 April: New Religious Nationalism in Chinese Societies
21 April: KITLV Seminar by Gerry van Klinken, Myanmar: The contentious politics of anti-Muslim scapegoating
22 April: The disputed issue of the origin of noodles
22 April: KITLV/VVI Lezingenmiddag ‘Democratie en ‘rule of law’ in Indonesië en de Nederlandse Cariben: Intenties en praktijk’
22 April: First Sino-Dutch Forum on Cultural Heritage LeidenAsiaCentre

March 2016
2 March: Yang Yang (Leiden) On the syntax – prosody interface of wh-indeterminates in Mandarin
5 March: A Thousand Years of Jars – The Collection of Stoneware Jars in the Princessehof Museum
10 March: Wei-tien Dylan Tsai (Tsing Hua University, Hsin-chu, Taiwan) Analyticity and Operator Binding in Chinese
11 March: Deadline for abstract submission New law, new villages: Changing rural Indonesia
11 March: Cyberbabe, Cybervamp, Consumption Celebrity: Anni Baobei and the Web-based Spectacle of Female Self-Fashioning in Twenty-first Century China
14-16 March: Language, Power and Identity in Asia: Creating and Crossing Language Boundaries
15 March: Film screening Flowers of Freedom
22 March: The Road from Hainan
23 March: Lin Jing (UvA) Non-referentiality in child Mandarin
23 March: Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme chose? Evaluating change and continuity in Modi's policy towards Israel

February 2016
5 February: Gravensteen Lecture by Robin Derby (UCLA)
11-12 February 2016: Reading Contemporary India Through the Cinematic Lens
18 February 2016: Encounters after the Soviet collapse: Chinese presence in the former Soviet Union border zone
26 February: AMT-CCK Series Lecture by Professor Dr. Paul Bailey

January 2016
27 January: Launch LeidenAsiaCentre

December 2015
1 December: Deadline AMT2 Research Funding
1 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture Between Land and Sea: Secessionist Movements and an Indian Ocean Imaginary in Coastal Kenya
7 December: Book launch Rethinking the Triangle: Washington-Beijing-Taipei
8 December: Discussion on nationalism in East Asia with Ian Buruma
10 December 2015 | Special Lecture by Ven. Xuecheng
10 December: ‘Let us live as Hindus’: Temple building processes and the articulation of ‘Hindu hurt’ in Amsterdam Southeast
11 December: Bright colours of life in Kazakhstan
11 December |Gravensteen Lecture | The Story of What Didn't Happen: Global Literature among the Interdisciplines
14-15 December: Cross-border Exchanges and the Shadow Economy
15 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture The Forming of World Subjects: On Promoting Intersubjective Anthropologies Between China and Southeast Asia
16 December: Award Ceremony IIAS National Master's Thesis Prize
17 December 2015| VVIK Indology Lecture on Pāṭaliputra, by Dr. Daniela De Simone

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