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The KITLV collections contain books, journals, magazines and newspapers, photos, picture postcards, prints and drawings, maps and atlases, Oriental and Western manuscripts and archives, and audiovisual materials. Approximately three-quarters of material in the collections pertains to Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia, and one-tenth to the Caribbean, the rest of it being from or about Oceania and other parts of Asia and the Americas. Outside Indonesia itself, the KITLV Library is generally considered to hold the world's largest and best collection of written documents on and from Indonesia. Its Caribbean collection is also considered to be outstanding. Highlights of the collection include color glass negative from Woodbury and Page and archive collections of and about F.W. Junghuhn.

Virtual Indonesia Launched
After its launch at LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia /The Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in Jakarta last April, Virtual Indonesia is now also launched in the Netherlands. Virtual Indonesia gives access to the Recording the Future (RtF) audiovisual collection at KITLV in Leiden. This collection of almost 500 hours is the result of a data generating research project that started in 2003. At eight locations in Indonesia daily life is recorded every 4 years.


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