Postcolonial Displacements


Postcolonial Displacements: Migration, Narratives and Place-making in South Asia, funded under the AMT ‘Large Grant’ scheme, introduces the new research theme of ‘displacement and place-making’ in South Asian Studies and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology  at Leiden University. The project aims at bringing together multi-disciplinary research expertise, teaching modules and outreach initiatives to expand academic involvement with South Asia at Leiden University and in the Netherlands.

Mobility on the Margins

Mobility on the Margins explores narratives, trajectories and interpretations of movement with reference to origin, connectedness, belonging, and other claims to ‘soil’ in South Asia’s eastern borderlands.

Migrations, Memories, Representations

Migrations, Memories, Representations focuses on the field of cultural production where experiences and memories of displacement, refugee exodus, destitution or place-making are reconstituted and refigured in representation – in literary, cinematic or artistic narratives.