Research Projects on Japan

Below you can find an overview of the Leiden research projects on Japan.

Faculty of Humanities


Project title: Sustaining Total War: Militarisation, Economic Mobilisation and Social Change in Japan and Korea
Covered countries: Japan, Korea
Start date project: 1 May 2007
End date project: 30 April 2012
Granting organization: NWO
Project type within the granting organization: Vidi
Keywords relevant to the project: food, war, social change, Japan, Korea
Researchers involved: Prof. Katarzyna J. Cwiertka (principal researcher)
Dr. Miho Yasuhara (postdoc)
Ms. Kyoung-Hee Park (PhD student)
Short project summary: This project deals with the question as to how the Asian-Pacific War (1931-1945) and the Korean War (1950-1953) influenced the Japanese and Korean societies, by studying the production, distribution, preparing and consumption of food during these periods, assuming that changes in these processes also brought about changes in the social environment.

Leiden organization conducting the project: LIAS
Name of contact person: Cwiertka
Postal address of contact person: Arsenaalstraat 1, 2311CT Leiden, The Netherlands
Phone of contact person: 0715272599
E-mail of contact person:


Go to: Research projects Japanese Studies


Go to: Beyond Utopia: New Politics, the Politics of Knowledge, and the Science Fictional Field of Japan
Leader: Prof.dr. Chris Goto-Jones

Go to: Writing ‘Human Security’ in China and Japan: Foreign Policy, State Identity, and Great Power Competition in East Asia
Leaders: Dr. Lindsay Black & Dr. Yih-Jye Hwang

Go to: Miki Kiyoshi and Watsuji Tetsuro’s concept of the ‘human being’ in the interwar and postwar period (1920s-1950s)
Leader: Chiara Brivio

Go to: Revisionism in Transwar Japan, 1940s to Present
Leader: Prof. Rikki Kersten


Go to: A comparative study of the policies and practices concerning the reconciliation of work and private lives in Japan and the Netherlands
Leader: Ayami Nakatani

Go to: Political thought of early Meiji era
Duration: 2011-2012
Leader: Hikaru Sugawara

Go to: Beyond San Francisco: The Post World War II Japanese Peace Treaty and the Regional Conflicts in East Asian
Leader: Kimie Hara

Go to: Translating (Japanese) Contemporary Art
Duration: 2009-2013
Leader: Takako Kondo

Go to: Historical Research on Parasitology (Schistomiasis Japonicum, Bilharzia) and its geographical analysis by GIS with reference to global warming
Leader: Togo Tsukahara

Go to: History and intellectual history of premodern Japan
Leader: W.J. Boot

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