Global Regionalisms

Awarded to Dr. Anne-Isabelle Richard (History), Dr. Alana O'Malley (History) and Dr. Lindsay Black (LIAS). The Seminar will take place in Leiden in 2017.

This one-and-half-day symposium on Global Regionalism investigates how regional alliances and organisations can provide an alternative level of analysis to the nation state and to global perspectives. Recent developments in both the expansion and the fracturing of regional alliances, with the growth of ASEAN, for example, and the departure of Britain from the EU, have led to wider discussions on the viability and functionality of regional organisations. This symposium seeks to bring discussions held in the fields of International Relations or Area studies into conversation with historical approaches to the study of regionalism and global governance, to analyse the evolution of regionalism from the late nineteenth century onwards. The symposium will examine how different regionalisms emerged and evolved in different ways reflecting similar and contrasting trajectories of social and political development across the globe. It will investigate how these regionalisms informed and complemented each other, and interacted both with global institutions and local civil society networks. With a broad scope and a multidisciplinary approach the symposium will connect various types of regional interaction, from identity politics, to customs unions, to relationships with supranational institutions, thus engaging a range of actors beyond the nation state. The papers of the conference will be revised and collected for a special issue of an international peer-reviewed journal.

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