GLASS (Global Asia Scholar Series) represents a joint initiative between the Global Interactions and AMT research profiles. Since 2012, we have invited a leading or emerging international scholar whose work has been influential across disciplinary, regional and national boundaries within Asia and beyond.

GLASS brings to Leiden University prominent scholars working in fields associated with Asian studies, whose work has had or has the potential to have an impact across disciplinary, regional and national boundaries within Asia and beyond. 

Thus, at one level, the “global” in the title of the series is meant to reflect this aspect of scholarship and knowledge production from various fields comprising Asian studies.  At another level, it is meant to critically consider the question of “globalization,” historically and in its contemporary configurations through particular locations (not just in the geographically bounded sense) and experiences of Asia.  

Such a critical consideration may ask how Asia is itself a global formation while at the same time participating in the globalization of multiple aspects of human experience. Topics may include competing conceptions and categories of modernity and tradition, the changing shape of political communities, state-society formations and urban-rural relationships; modes of domination and resistance; forms and practices of identification; routes, patterns and hierarchies of economic and cultural production, exchange, dissemination, circulation and consumption; artistic practices, cultural institutions and media technologies; emergent social, political, ecological, and aesthetic movements; and histories of human migration and its effects. 

Through these two lenses, engaging the ‘global’ from the perspective of Asia and Asian studies, this series seeks to bring together the concerns of the Global Interactions and AMT research profiles.

GI coordinator:  Carolyn Nakamura
AMT coordinator: Sanjukta Sunderason

Last Modified: 11-03-2016