GLASS Beyond Asia

In the second phases of LGI and AMT, the GLASS program will expand to include scholars of Islam, Africa and the Americas.

Registration Open│GLASS Masterclass with Clare Harris

We invite applications from PhDs and MA students (from Leiden and elsewhere) to join a masterclass given by Professor Clare Harris (Oxford University, Pitt Rivers Museum). The class will be held in the National Museum of Ethnology and will involve the discussion of Professor Harris' recent book, as well as objects and photographs from the museum collections.

11 December │GLASS Roundtable │ Art in Exile

Please join us for a GLASS panel discussion on how art produced, displayed and encountered, constitutes different modes of global knowledge and experience. Panelists include the GLASS scholar, Clare Harris, along with Wayne Modest, Peter Pels and Anna Grasskamp. All are welcome.

Friday 31 Oct 2014, 11-13 hrs | LUCIS/GLASS Faculty Roundtable with Jonathan Brown | Who Owns the Canon?

On Friday 31 October, Jonathan Brown led a LUCIS/GLASS faculty roundtable discussion entitled "Who Owns the Canon?". This roundtable was organised by LUCIS in cooperation with GLASS (Global Asia Scholar Series). Panelists: Jonathan Brown, Jonathan Silk, Ineke Sluiter and Kiri Paramore. Chair: Petra Sijpesteijn. Time: 11.00-13.00 hrs. Location: Heinsius room, Leiden University Library.