GLASS Beyond Asia

In the second phases of LGI and AMT, the GLASS program will expand to include scholars of Islam, Africa and the Americas.

LGI and AMT will continue to co-sponsor the original GLASS series featuring Asian scholars, twice yearly. The next GLASS scholar will be Dipesh Chakrabarty in Fall 2015.

Given the sucess of GLASS over the past two years, we will also expand beyond Asia. Bringing a truly global perspective to the GLASS mission, Global Interactions will partner with other institutes to bring you GLASS-Islam, GLASS-Africa, and GLASS-Americas. These series will seek to bring out scholars with expertise in Middle Eastern, African and American studies whose work has had or has the potential to have an impact across disciplinary, regional and national boundaries.  Thus, echoing our original aims, we seek to explore scholarship and knowledge production of 'the global' from various fields and perspectives comprising Area Studies, and also to critically consider the question of “globalization” through particular locations (geographic, temporal and otherwise) and experiences across the globe.  Such a critical consideration may ask how particular locales become global formations while at the same time participate in the globalization of multiple aspects of human experience.

GLASS-Islam (with LUCIS) was lauched in October 2014 with Professor Jonathan Brown from Georgetown University. The next GLASS-Islam scholar will be Nile Green from UCLA (18-20 March 2015).

Last Modified: 23-01-2015