Video and Audio available for GLASS Lecture and Roundtable with Dipesh Chakrabarty

We are pleased to make available a video of Dipesh Chakrabarty's lecture, Scales of History: Subaltern, Global and Planetary Studies, and an audio recording of the roundtable proceedings of Minor Archives, Meta Histories.

VIDEO | Scales of History: On Subaltern, Global and Planetary Studies (GLASS Lecture)

Leiden University
15 October 2015

View here:


AUDIO | Minor Archives, Meta Histories (GLASS Roundtable)

Leiden University
16 October 2015

Listen here:

We are also pleased to announce that a transcript of the proceedings will be published in a new journal: Práticas da História, Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past.

Last Modified: 20-11-2015