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We invite applications from PhDs and MA students (from Leiden and elsewhere) to join a masterclass given by Professor Clare Harris (Oxford University, Pitt Rivers Museum). The class will be held in the National Museum of Ethnology and will involve the discussion of Professor Harris' recent book, as well as objects and photographs from the museum collections.

Instructor:  Clare Harris (Professor of Visual Anthropology and Pitt Rivers Museum Curator for Asian Collections at the University of Oxford) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Time: 1-4pm
National Museum of Ethnology (Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde)
Steenstraat 1

Registration Deadline: 5 December

Class Description

This class invites reflection on topics that address the global modalities of museum practice, object circulation and visual economy and their intersections, with a special focus on Tibet.

Part 1 (60-90 minutes)
Discussions will focus on the first four chapters of Professor Harris's book The Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics and the Representation of Tibet (University of Chicago Press, 2012):

- Chapters 1 & 2: colonial constructions of knowledge and the politics of possession: object extraction and museum representation

- Chapters 3 & 4: photography: the archival, the historic and the afterlives of photographs when circulated in the 'visual economy' and/or in digital distribution

Students will be asked to prepare a critical response to one chapter of the book and use it to make comparisons with their own research.

Coffee & Tea break

Part 2 (60 minutes)
In the second part of the class Professor Harris will lead an informal discussion using the Tibetan exhibits at the Ethnological museum.


Harris, Clare E (2012) The Museum of the Roof of the World: Art, Politics, and the Representation of Tibet. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

1  The Tibet Museum in the West 
2  The Younghusband Mission and Tibetan Art
3  Picturing Tibet for the Imperial Archive
4  Photography and the Politics of Memory

Registration procedure

Please register using the form provided here. Required materials include: 

- a one-page CV 
- statement of purpose on how this class relates to your own research interests (c. 100-200 words) 

**Participants will be expected to prepare a critical response to at least one of the above chapters of the book and to use them to make comparisons with their own research. The readings will be circulated before the class.

There are no funds available for travel. 

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