19-20 October | 4th International Colloquium on ‘Heritage and Rights of Indigenous Peoples’

The 4th International Colloquium on ‘Heritage and Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ will take place at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. This event is supported by the Faculties of Archaeology and Humanities, the profile area 'Global Interactions' of Leiden University and the research program 'Time in Intercultural Context', financed by the European Research Council. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Van Steenis builiding
Einsteinweg 2, Leiden

Date & Time
Wednesday 19 October
9.00am - 3.00pm
Van Steenis Building

Thursday 20 October
9.30am - 5.15pm
Van Steenis Building ROOM F104

The colloquium will consist of individual presentations by a range of invited indigenous experts from such diverse countries as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Suriname, Greenland and Zimbabwe, with additional input in discussion by diverse specialists and researchers working at Leiden University.

As a preparation for students and participants there will be a movie screening (Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution- from Greenland) on the afternoon of Tuesday 18 October (3.00 pm. - 5.00 pm) in the central hall of the Van Steenis Building.

During these two days, we will focus on several acute current problems, plaguing indigenous communities, such as the violence against indigenous leaders and environmental activists, e.g. the murder of Bertha Cáceres 7 months ago in Honduras (whose daughter Laura is an invited speaker).

In addition to the presentation program during the day, a press- conference is to be held on the 19th from 4.00p.m.  to 6.00 p.m.; to make a public statement on the Bertha Cáceres case, also examining the involvement of the Dutch Bank FMO in the mega project that Bertha Cáceres was protesting against. 

(For more information on the Cáceres case see this Guardian article and ejolt article)

Contact / Info:
Dr. Anita Tzec (anitatzec@yahoo.com)‎ Maya Yucatec Post-Doc Researcher, Faculty of Archeology, Leiden University
Prof. Dr. Maarten E.R.G.N. Jansen ( m.e.r.g.n.jansen@arch.leidenuniv.nl) Director Department of Archaeological Heritage and Society, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University


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