GI Vimeo Channel - Just Added: On the Poetics and Politics of Redress 12-13 November 2015

Videos featuring David Scott, Ana Vroldjak, Deborah Thomas, and others speaking at the GI Annual Event (Part 2) are now available on the GI Vimeo channel.

Check out the GI Annual Event 2015 channel on VIMEO:

Videos feature:

Ana Vrdoljak (Professor of Law, University of Technology, Sydney)

Wouter Veraart (Professor of Legal Philosophy and Director of Research, VU University Amsterdam)

Amy Strecker (Researcher in land rights, heritage and restitution in the indigenous Caribbean, Leiden University)

Susan Legene (Professor of Political History, VU University Amsterdam)

David Scott (Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University)

Deborah Thomas (Professor of Anthropology and African Studies, University of Pennsylvania)

Paul Bijl (Assistant Professor of Modern Literature, University of Amsterdam)

Ciraj Rassool (Professor of History, University of the Western Cape)

Bruce Bernstein (Executive Director at Continuous Pathways Foundation and Executive Director at the Ralph T Coe Foundation for the Arts)

Maarten Jansen (Professor of Archaeology, Leiden University)

Manuel May Castillo (Researcher in Heritage of Indigenous Peoples, Leiden University)

Hodan Warzame and Simone Zeefuik (#DecolonizetheMuseum) – Redressing Representation in Museums

Pim Westerkamp (Curator Culture and History of South East Asia, National Museum of World Cultures)

Annette Schmidt (Curator of African Department, National Museum of World Cultures)

Laura van Broekhoven (Head of the Curatorial Department and Curator of Middle and South America, National Museum of World Cultures)

Jos van Beurden (PhD candidate, VU University, Amsterdam)

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