29-30 September | Conference | Visions of Empire in Dutch History

As part of a GI Advanced Seminar Grant awarded to Anne-Isabelle Richard (History), the conference "Visions of Empire in Dutch History" will take place in Leiden from 29-30 September.

Date & Time  
29-30 September 2016

Museum voor Volkenkunde
Steenstraat 1


Visions of Empire in Dutch History

What were the major developments in the history of thinking about empire in Dutch history in the period 1500-2000? What visions of the purpose, need, form, organization and nature of an overseas or colonial empire have been formulated throughout the centuries? What moral, political, and economic arguments have been put forth to justify an empire – or reform or resist it? How and under what circumstances did these visions and arguments change or remain the same?

This conference seeks to examine these questions over the long term, from the early modern period to the twenty-first century, and from an interdisciplinary perspective, connecting history with international law, political economy and political science. The main focus is the long-term development of thinking about empire in Dutch history, but the historical study of this topic evidently suggests global interactions across various empires and disciplines. We explicitly aim to critically engage with recent historiographical and theoretical developments concerning the study of empire.

Organized by René Koekkoek (University of Amsterdam), Anne-Isabelle Richard (Leiden University) and Arthur Weststeijn (Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome)

If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to: a.weststeijn@knir.it, Arthur Weststeijn (Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome)

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