Affiliated Research Projects

Below you can find a list of some of the research projects affiliated with our group.


Eurasian Empires

Global Migration History

Connecting in Times of Duress: Understanding Communication and Conflict in Middle Africa’s Mobile Margins

The Unification of the Mediterranean World (400 BC - 400 AD)

Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence

Colonial and Global History

From Muskets to Nokias


Nexus 1492

Networked practices of contact: Cultural identity at the Late Prehistoric settlement of Aguas Buenas, Nicaragua, AD 500-1522

Time in Intercultural Context: The Indigenous Calendars of Mexico and Guatemala

Archaeological Heritage Management 

Consolidating Empire. Reconstructing Hegemonic Practices of the Middle Assyrian Empire at the Late Bronze Age Fortified Estate of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria, ca. 1230 – 1180 BC 

Tell Balata Archaeological Park  


Garbage Matters: A Comparative History of Waste in East Asia

The formation of Islam: The view from below

The Transfer of Knowledge in a Cuneiform Culture


Global Challenges

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