National and EU grants awarded to LGI affiliates in 2013.


EUR 15 million for excellent archaeological research into the colonisation of the Americas

Corinne Hofman (Professor in Caribbean Archaeology) has been awarded 15 million euro by the EU for her archaeological research on the colonisation of the Americas. She will lead the ‘NEXUS 1492’ project together with colleagues Davies (VU), Brandes (Konstanz) and Willems (Leiden).

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KNAW Merian Prize awarded to Corinne Hofman

Corinne Hofman, Leiden Professor of the Archaeology of the Caribbean Region has been awarded the 2013 KNAW Merian Prize for women in science. With her research, she aims to broaden the history of the colonisation of the Americas to include the perspective of the indigenous Indian population.
Under Hofman’s leadership, Leiden’s Caribbean Research Group has developed into the world’s largest and most successful research group in this field.

The KNAW Merian Prize is awarded every two years to an excellent female scientist who is able to inspire others to take up an academic career. The prize is awarded alternately to a researcher in the arts or humanities and the sciences.

The KNAW Merian Prize consists of a monetary award of 50,000 euros and a specially designed article of jewellery. Corinne Hofman intends to use the full amount of the prize to give promising young female researchers the opportunity to study for a PhD within her project.



Waste as a framework for historic research 
Prof. dr. Kasia Cwiertka - LIAS
What we throw away and how we dispose of our waste tells us a lot about the society we live in. This research project considers recent changes in China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea from this perspective.


Pre-Columbian stone circles in Nicaragua 
Dr Alexander Geurds – Archaeology 
In 2011, Geurds stumbled on unexpected structures in Nicaragua: more than five hundred hills forming large circles. Mayan and Inca architecture is well-known, but what culture built this unique structure? And what is the significance of these stone circles? 
See also the news article Searching for a solution to Nicaraguan riddle, dated 11 April 2013.


The Popular Culture of Illegality: Santa Muerte and Narco Cultus in Mexico
Dr. J.C.G. Aguiar
NWO has granted a 4-year subsidy to the project The Popular Culture of Illegality, ellaborated in collaboration between the University of Amsterdam, University Utrecht and Leiden University. This research focuses on the esthetic representations and practices in visual, musical and symbolical forms of authority of criminal organizations among marginal communities in Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico.

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