National Grants awarded to LGI Affiliates in 2014

Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza prize, the most prestigious academic distinction in the Netherlands, is awarded to Dutch scientists who are at the very top of the research profession. The Laureates are internationally renowned and are an inspiration to young scientists. NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) requests selected persons to nominate candidates for this prize. A maximum of four prizes are awarded annually. The winners each receive 1.5 million euro to spend on research of their own choice for five years.

An NWO Spinoza Prize is an honorary award, but is above all an incentive to promote research.

Prize Recipient: Corinne Hofman

American Indian perspective
Hofman, who is professor of Archaeology in the Caribbean, directs the international transdisciplinary mega-project Nexus 1492, funded by the European Research Council. More than fifty researchers collaborate in this project to describe the colonisation of the Americas from an Indian perspective. she combines archaeology with, for example, isotope research, archeometrics, bio-archaeology, molecular biology, network analysis, ethnohistory and ethnography. With this Hofman is bringing about considerable innovation in the discipline, says NWO.

Protection of the cultural heritage
For years the archaeologist has called for the protection of the cultural heritage and the threatened soil archive of the Caribbean islands. Her contribution is not only scientifically innovative but also of fundamental societal importance, says NWO.

(6 June 2014)

Last Modified: 11-06-2014