Seed Grants

Network Global Abolitionisms

Dr. Maartje Janse (History) and Prof.dr. Gert Oostindie (History, KITLV) have been awarded a seed grant for: "Network Global Abolitionisms," which will link scholars from across the world and across disciplines who are working on antislavery activism and abolitionism. Granted: €5000 (September 2015).

From Stone Age to Space Age: Discussing Common Grounds in Archaeology and Astronomy

A seed grant has been awarded to Dr. Till Sonnemann (Archaeology) and Dr. Pedro Russo (Leiden Observatory) for their workshop: "From Stone Age to Space Age: Discussing Common Grounds in Archaeology and Astronomy." The workshop’s main goal is to start an open discourse on cooperation between researchers from Archaeology and Astronomy. Granted: €4000 (September 2015).

Jihad: Between Theory and Practice

Dr. Jelle Bruning has been awarded a seed grant for "Jihad: Between Theory and Practice," a workshop that will discuss the influence of jihad-related ideologies on the movement of people and the formation of networks. Granted: €5000 (September 2015).

The Golden Horde in a Global Perspective: Imperial strategies (International workshop: 7-8 May 2015)

For the first time in Europe, a workshop is dedicated to the study of the Golden Horde. The gathering will take place at Leiden the 7th and 8th May 2015. As a result of this joint initiative of the LIAS, the Institute for History and the European University at St Petersburg, researchers in archeology, history and numismatics will convene to debate and exchange. Granted: €4000 (May 2015).

Investigating prehistoric societies in Iraqi Kurdistan: theory and challenges

Current discussion of globalization and global interactions understandably tends to focus on the present. The roots of globalization reach far back, however; globalization happened many times before in the past. In the Middle East, complex, urbanized societies emerged already in the Late Chalcolithic (Uruk) period (4200-3000 BC). Granted: €3950

Heritage and Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The working group will first plan a colloquium that brings together international (including indigenous) experts from different disciplines and regional specializations (Africa, Americas, Asia) to discuss theoretical, legal and practical aspects of indigenous heritage and rights (including topics such as representation and repatriation), situating specific cases within a wider comparative framework. Granted: €7500

Globalisation, Materiality and the Transference of Cultures

The interdisciplinary research group of Prof. Pieter ter Keurs (Anthropology), Prof. Caroline van Eck (Art History), and Dr. Miguel John Versluys (Archaeology) will plan a workshop involving Leiden and international scholars to explore how to productively link research on globalisation with material culture studies. This juncture is one of the most promising and challenging perspectives being developed within the Humanities and Social Sciences at present. Their proposal strengthens and builds on this perspective by putting cultural transference as central to its approach, with the explicit aim to use both “globalisation” and “materiality” for historical analysis. Granted: €5000

Guiding Travelers: On changing routes and roads in the Middle Ages

Seed grant awarded to : Gabrielle van den Berg (Persian Studies), Maria Riep (LIAS, Middle Eastern Studies), Marie Favereau (History), and Tineke d’Haeseleer (Chinese Studies). This research project aims to investigate the (trading) networks of Eurasia from the 6th to 14th Century. Traditionally scholarship has focused on selected trading routes and networks, such as the Vikings, the early Hanze, Sogdian traders in Central Asia, or the Arab merchants’ networks; yet goods, ideas, technologies and people circulated from one network to another in this process of pre-modern globalisation. Granted: €6000