Other Programs

Summer programs run by LGI affiliates and partner insititutes.

IIAS Summer Programme in Asian Studies

Heritage Conserved and Contested: Asian and European Perspectives

The first Summer Programme in Asian Studies aimed to shed light on the various definitions, interests, and practices associated with the question of cultural heritage in Asia and Europe. The theme touches upon a wide array of knowledge forms and traditions (including those of local actors) while it also links theoretical frameworks with applied and policy-relevant knowledge and action.

The programme was aimed at Master’s and doctoral students incorporating heritage issues in their work.

Research specialists from various academic backgrounds (social anthropology, history, archaeology, conservation studies including cultural resource management) combined their expertise to provide participants with an intensive - yet interactive - experience.

The programme was run by two world-renown scholars in the fields of cultural heritage theory and cultural Asian history, respectively: Prof. Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University) and Prof. Nira Wickramasinghe (Leiden University).

See more at: http://www.summerprogramme.asia/

Last Modified: 07-11-2014