Keynote Speaker: Adam McKeown (Professor of History, Columbia University)

On Friday, August 31st, Adam McKeown will deliver the keynote lecture to open the World Wide Asia conference. Frank Pieke from Leiden University will act as discussant.

Keynote Lecture

Global Scales and Centuries: Why the Big Picture Matters for Understanding Migration

Migration is made up of individual choices. But those choices fall into patterns that can be variously perceived at the levels of social networks, nations, regional and global patterns. Migration patterns can also vary across a variety of temporal scales from the contemporary moment to the fact of migration a basic behavior of the human species. No one scale is truer than another. Each draws attention to different processes. This talk will focus on what can and can not be known at different scales of analysis, and how different scales may relate to each other. Special emphasis will be placed on the significance of global and long-term scales, because migration studies routinely refer to the big picture in contextualizing their understanding despite the fact that it is still poorly understood.

Adam McKeown Bio

Adam McKeown is a professor of history at Columbia University, where he offers courses on the histories of world migration, globalization and drugs. He wrote Melancholy Order: Asian Migration and the Globalization of Borders (2008), “Chinese Emigration in Global Context, 1850-1940,” Journal of Global History 5 (2010): 95-124, and “Global Migration, 1846-1940,” Journal of World History 15 (2004). He is now working on the history of globalization since 1760.

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