Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the Congresszaal de Burcht in the center of Leiden.

Sociëteit 'De Burcht'

De Burcht, Leiden. Photo by Enrique Boira Freire

De Burcht, Leiden. Photo by Enrique Boira Freire

The burcht van Leiden is medeival fortification constructed in the 11th century. It is located the center of Leiden between the arms of the Old and New Rhine. The structure is on top of a motte, and is today a public park. With its grassy slopes and view of the surroundings and historic buildings, the Burcht one of the most beautiful places in Leiden.

The conference proceedings and receptions will be held at the Sociëteit 'De Burcht', which is located at the foot of the castle hill. (map)

Sociëteit de Burcht
Burgsteeg 14
2312 JS Leiden

Tuinzaal (conference proceedings)

The Tuinzaal (Garden Room) is equipped with efficient equipment (sound system, audiovisual equipment, internet etc.) that is widely used for meetings, small conferences and numerous cultural activities.

Fonteinzaal (receptions)

Built in the second half of the nineteenth century, the Fonteinzaal (Fountain Room) hosts the café of the club. It is well know as a leading jazz venue in the Netherlands and is one of the most popular bars in Leiden.

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