21, 22 and 23 Januari 2015 | ILS-conference "Room for reflection"

From the 21st until the 23rd of January 2015, our faculty will be dedicated to our research profile, the Interaction between Legal Systems. During these couple of days, the Kamerlingh Onnes Building will be available for a research conference with the theme: Interaction between legal systems, room for reflection.


During this conference, we would like to explore the common dilemmas of ILS. Thus, the conference will be devoted to, inter alia: 

  • presenting ILS research and results (2011-2014);

  • determining our future research agenda (2015-2018);

  • exploring the meaning of ILS for legal practice;

  • strengthening international cooperation;

  • exploring opportunities to cooperate with other disciplines;

  • discovering the possibilities of Horizon2020;

  • presenting an open access ILS internet platform for publications;

  • giving room to fringe meetings.


On Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd, there will be workshops on specific themes, organised along these lines: 

  • horizontal interaction (between the traditional national areas of law);

  • vertical interaction (between national, European and international legal systems);

  • cross-over interaction (a combination of horizontal and vertical interaction).

On Thursday evening, attention will be given to the meaning of other disciplines for the study of the law.

On Friday morning the 23rd of January, we will assess the meaning of ILS for legal practice (law firms, industry, legislative departments, judiciary and international courts).

On Friday afternoon, the key note speakers and rapporteurs will draw their conclusions, based on their presence during the workshops.


We will invite :

  • fellows and PhD’s from our faculty;

  • researchers from the SARFAL network (Aarhus, Barcelona, Bologna, Geneva, KU Leuven, Oslo, Oxford, Poitiers, Prague, Vienna);

  • colleagues from other universities, both national and international;

  • legal practitioners.

Invitation and Call for Blogs

Leiden Law School is pleased to invite international academics in the field of law and jurisprudence to participate in this conference. In particular researchers are asked to take part in one of the workshops mentioned below.

In order to stimulate lively discussions, researchers are asked to submit an abstract in the form of a blog of max. 400/500 words on one of the 11 topics (see the outline programme) or on a subject that is related to the theme of the conference. Selected blogs will be published on www.leidenlawblog.nl and may lead to an invitation to present the findings in a separate workshop and/or to submit a paper which will be published online after the conference.

Invitation and Call for Blogs 


The conference is being organised under the supervision of Tineke Cleiren, Tom Barkhuysen and Alex Geert Castermans.

The practical organisation is entrusted to the Meijers Research Institute. The practical organisation of the workshops is being coordinated by Geerten Boogaard, Stijn Voskamp  and Alex Geert Castermans (horizontal interaction); Pim Geelhoed, Titia Loenen and Ruben de Graaff (vertical interaction); Larissa van den Herik, Peter Rodrigues and Ingrid Leijten (cross-over interaction). They will approach several colleagues in the coming months.

If you have any questions in the mean time, please do not hesitate to contact one the colleagues mentioned, or write an e-mail to ILSroomforreflection@law.leidenuniv.nl.

Registration and further information

Registration is possible by filling out the registration form on the conference website, where also more information on the conference can be found.

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