Interaction between Legal Systems - Room for reflection

300 legal researchers visited the conference to discuss common dilemma's and future challenges.


21-23 January 2015 Leiden Law School hosted an international conference devoted to the ‘Interaction between Legal Systems’, bringing together 300 researchers from all legal research disciplines. They reflected on the common dilemma’s and future challenges posed by the current multilevel legal order. Frictions do not always qualify as a problem, while not all problems need to be redressed by traditional lawmakers. Hierarchy and autonomy, protection and trust, enforcement and dialogue as well as the use of private and academic initiatives appeared to be the key notions in 4 plenary meetings, 18 workshops and 15 fringe meetings. The contribution by young Leiden researchers made a profound impression. Keynotes by Michael Dougan (Liverpool), Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson (Paris II), Heikki Pihlamajäki (Helsinki), Egbert Koops (Leiden) and Jean-Bernard Auby (Paris, ScienscePo) elaborated on various perspectives of legal research in this field. One evening was dedicated to the collaboration of law and other disciplines, merging f.e. law, mathematics and epidemiology. In the final session, rapporteurs amongst whom Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi (Groningen), Steven Lierman (Leuven) and Ferdinand Wollenschläger (Augsburg) shared the inspiration they drew from the conference.

Last Modified: 29-01-2015