30 October 2012 | ILS lunch meeting

On Tuesday, October 30th the second ILS lunch meeting of this year will take place. Jan Crijns, professor of Criminal Law, will provide a lecture on how to deal with the interaction between legal systems in your PhD research.

Jan Crijns has written a dissertation on contracting with the public prosecutor, for which was rewarded the prestigious 'Modderman prize', mainly because of its use of comparative law when dealing with the interaction between private and criminal law.

This lunch meeting is therefore aimed at every PhD, whether within or without the 'Interaction Between Legal Systems' program, who includes more than one area of law in his/her research.

The lunch meeting will be held as announced on October 30th, from 12.00h to approx. 13.30h. Lunch will be provided, location will be announced later.

Should you wish to participate, please let us know by Thursday, October 25th via symposiumILS@law.leidenuniv.nl.

Elsbeth Beumer, Alke Metselaar and Judit Altena.

Last Modified: 20-09-2012