Leiden legal experts and criminologists launch blog

The Leiden Law School proudly presents the new Leiden Law Blog. More than 50 researchers are poised to give their views on current events. The authors, all specialists in fields of law and criminology, are blogging in English. Their aim is to reach a worldwide audience.

'Socially relevant research'

The Leiden Law Blog aims to stay at the forefront of the news, and to create a link with the research carried out within the Faculty. 'We make a real contribution on current issues,' comments blogger Alex-Geert Castermans, Vice-Dean of the Faculty and Director of Research. 'The blog shows that our research is socially relevant. Many of our legal experts are involved in professional practice, as well as in academia, so they are ideally placed to build a bridge between these two worlds.' 

'We are hoping for a lot of reactions'

As is fitting for a good blog, readers have the opportunity to react to the articles. Blogger Maartje van der Woude expressly invites readers to respond: 'We are hoping for a lot of reactions. We want to enter into a dialogue with the public at large on all kinds of legal and social issues; that's part of the job of an academic. And a blog is the ideal medium for this.'

'Up to the minute'

Dean of the Law School, Rick Lawson, read the first contributions.  He was impressed: 'It is very diverse, and right up to the minute. I saw one item about the EU Cybercrime proposal, and another about the democratisation of space flights, and yet a third about the recent doubts in India about tax treaties. My colleagues have managed to pack a lot of information into a compact piece of text.' 

The Leiden Law Blog has started with ten items.  The aim is to publish several items every week. 

(16 April 2012 / Leiden Law School ES / MLH)


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