Two members Europa Institute Leiden selected to present in Beijing in the WISH Conference

Both Armin Cuyvers and Iryna Ievdokymova have been selected to present their papers during the 9th WISH Conference on ‘The Future of Transnational Law: the EU, USA, China and the BRICS’.

As selected speakers they also receive a full grant to cover the expenses of the conference, which takes place in the University of  Peking from 29 November until 1 December 2012, and is organized in cooperation with the College of Europe in Brugge and the European Law Journal.  

In his contribution Armin Cuyvers will explore the potential of the often ignored confederal form for a transnational world. To do so he will illustrate how the EU has modified and reinforced the classic confederal system in a way that removes some of its key weaknesses. Subsequently it will be analyzed how these modifications might contribute to a confederal model for transnational governance more generally.

Iryna Ievdokymova will explore the effect of the IPR enforcement in transnational cyberspace on the ‘competing’ fundamental rights, such as privacy and freedom of expression. In doing so, she will analyze the interaction between international and US instruments such as ACTA and SOPA, and the right to privacy as well as the freedom to receive and impart information, as developed in the EU legal order.

The 9th International workshop for young scholars encourages researchers from diverse national backgrounds and various academic disciplines to pool their knowledge in common discussion and analysis in order to explore both theoretical and policy-relevant issues concerning transnational law. What is the future of transnational law? What does ‘transnational law’ mean in an age marked by global legal pluralism and the emergence of new sites of governance in virtually all domains of life? The proceedings of the conference will be published in a special issue of the European Law Journal and a separate book.

Last Modified: 28-06-2012