Yannick van den Brink is the new Meijers Ph.D. Candidate at the Child Law Department

On 3 September 2012, Yannick van den Brink started as the new Meijers Ph.D. Candidate at the Child Law Department.

Yannick obtained his LL.B. degree in Dutch Law (2009, cum laude), his LL.M. degree in Criminal Law (2011, cum laude) and his MA degree in Global Criminology (2012, cum laude) at Utrecht University. In addition to his studies, Yannick worked as a student employee at the Criminal Law department at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn for two years. Furthermore, he worked as a student assistant at the Child Law department at Leiden University, during which he has contributed to the development of the first Dutch Children’s Rights Monitor. Moreover, he worked as a junior lecturer in the minor ‘Youth and Crime’ at Utrecht University.

Pre-trial Detention in the Dutch Juvenile Justice System

In the context of his LL.M. thesis titled ‘De onschuld voorbij?’ (‘Beyond Innocence?’), Yannick conducted research on the application of pre-trial detention in the Dutch juvenile justice system, in which he scrutinized Dutch law and practice in light of international children’s rights standards. The thesis has led to a top-5 ranking at the national 2011 Thesis Award of the Public Prosecutors Department and to two publications in national peer-reviewed legal journals. Moreover, in the context of his criminological MA thesis titled ‘Subject to conditions pending trial’, Yannick conducted empirical research on the experiences and perceptions of juveniles accused of a criminal offence and their parents regarding the conditional suspension of pre-trial detention.

Doctoral research

As Meijers Ph.D. Candidate, Yannick van den Brink will conduct his doctoral research under supervision of Prof. Ton Liefaard and Prof. Mariëlle Bruning in the research programme Interaction between Legal Systems , sub-programme . His Ph.D. project will build on the research conducted in his previous theses and will particularly focus on the judicial decision making process regarding the application of pre-trial detention to juveniles.

Last Modified: 04-09-2012