September 16, 2011 | CECL Conference on responsible shareholdership

On 16 September 2011, the Centre for European Company Law organizes a conference on Responsible Shareholdership. The conference will take place at the Leiden Law School, the Netherlands, Academy Building (Small Auditorium).

The ongoing economic crisis has triggered a worldwide self-examination about what went wrong and how we are going to prevent such calamity from happening again in the future. Corporate governance has largely managed to escape criticism in this discussion and most commentators point to the failures of executive compensation and to the general unaccountability of management. Shareholders are viewed upon as victims that have seen the value of their portfolio evaporating. Their role in the crisis has remained to a great extent unquestioned or even misunderstood, as legislative initiatives, such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, show.

Indeed, in the aftermath of the crisis there has been little discussion on phenomena of perverse shareownership, where shares are loaned, sold short or decoupled from their voting right. Nor have we been concerned with the question of whether computer-generated shareholdings by index funds or other institutional investors are desirable for the proper functioning of corporate governance. And on top of that we also turned a blind eye to the fact that the end-investors or beneficial owners of stock are legally powerless to push their custodians or their trustees to exercise their voting rights responsibly and with a long-term horizon.

This 4th CECL conference aspires to shed light on these distortions in shareholder governance and to seek ways by which shareholders will be transformed in responsible corporate constituents able to turn the tide in corporate governance practice.


Key note speakers include the Professors Robert Monks (video recorded), Koen Geens ( University of Leuven), Holger Fleischer (Max Planck Institut, Hamburg), Iris Chiu (University College London), Matthijs de Jongh (Supreme Court of the Netherlands), Jaap Winter (University of Amsterdam), Steef Bartman (Leiden University) and Pavlos Masouros (Leiden University). The conference will be chaired by Professor Steef Bartman in the morning and by Professor Steven Schuit (Utrecht University) in the afternoon.

Information and registration

Date: September 16th 2011
Time: 10.00 - 17.00 hours
Location: Academy Building, Rapenburg 73, Leiden

For more information and a glance at the exact programme see . Should you want to receive a hard copy registration brochure, please send your contact details to ms. I. Hoekstra.

Conference fee: 100 Euro (10 Euro for articling and PhD students). Participation is free of charge for ECL Board Members, ECL Country Reporters and lawyers from CECL-partners AKD and Houthoff Buruma. 


For participation 4 PO points will be credited.

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