11 February 2011: Round-table meeting about the eurocrisis - 'Artcle 136 (3) TFEU: the struggle for a provision'

Confronted with the debt crisis the European Council has chosen to amend the Treaty. A new paragraph will be added to Article 136 TFEU which should facilitate the creation of a permanent crisis mechanism. A mechanism that intriguingly stands both within and outside the EU legal order, and of which some argue that it will have a great influence on the nature and development of the Union. On 11 February 2011 the Europa Institute organizes within the framework of ‘Leiden Law Exchange’ (LLX), in collaboration with the faculty research school ‘Interaction between Legal Systems’, a round-table meeting on this important development.

The interactive meeting has as its aim to let academics, policy makers and other stakeholders compare notes on the recent decision of the European Council to create a permanent crisis mechanism. During the meeting Tom de Bruijn (Permanent representative, Coreper), Lesley d’Huy (Assistant permanent representative, Coreper), Ben Smulders (Director institutional affairs, legal department Commission) and Maarten Verwey (Ministry of Finance, auctor intellectualis Special Purpose Vehicle) will give their view on the process leading to the decision to amend the Treaty and the constitutional relevance of the new stabilization mechanism. All of them have been closely involved in devising the proposal to amend the Treaty.




Provisional programme

14.30-14.45 Reception and coffee
14.45-15.00 Start of the meeting
15.00-16.00 Presentation of the speakers and discussion
16.00-16.45 Open debate
16.45-16.45 Conclusion of the meeting
17.00-18.00 Get-together at the faculty restaurant

For whom

The meeting is organized for academics of all law faculties, professionals, policy makers, students with an interest in Economic and Monetary Union and other persons interested.
The meeting is Dutch spoken.    


Faculty of Law, Leiden University
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden


Persons interested can subscribe to the meeting before the 3rd of February by sending an e-mail to the coordinator, Mr. V. Borger LL.M (). The maximum amount of participants is 40.

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