Past Colloquia (2013)

An overview of colloquia that have taken place so far in 2013.

15 March 2013: Mirjam Ernestus

On Friday 15 March 2013, Mirjam Ernestus (Radboud University Nijmegen & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) gave a talk on "The acoustic reduction of words in informal conversations".

26 April 2013: John Harris

On Friday 26 April, John Harris (University College London) gave a talk on "English vowels: an update and a rethink".

24 May 2013: Simanique Moody

On Friday 24 May, Simanique Moody (LUCL) gave a talk on "Language contact and variation in African American communities in coastal Georgia".

7 June 2013: Wannie Carstens

On Friday 7 June, Wannie Carstens (North-West University) will give a talk on "Language in South Africa: Where does Afrikaans fit in?".

Last Modified: 17-09-2013