Upcoming colloquia

26 September 2013: Sarah G. Thomason

On Thursday 26 September Sarah G. Thomason (University of Michigan) will give a talk entitled 'When languages, or rather speakers, like to borrow morphology'.

This paper argues that there is no global dispreference for transferring morphology from one language to another. Several distinctions must be made in order to address this issue, most importantly the distinction between morphological borrowing in a narrow sense of `borrowing', where bilingual speakers transfer morphemes and/or morphological patterns from one of their languages into the other, and shift-induced interference, where shifting speakers introduce morphological features from their original L1 into the target language. All other things being equal, contact-induced inflectional changes are more likely to happen in cases of imperfect learning during a process of language shift than in borrowing situations. Second, we must distinguish between pairs of languages in contact according to typological congruence in their morphological systems: contact-induced morphological changes, especially in the inflectional morphology, occur much more frequently at typologically congruent structure points than at typologically disparate structure points. Third, an important distinction separates derivational morphology, which is more frequently transferred from one language to another, and inflectional morphology, which is less often transferred in contact situations. In all analyses of contact effects we must consider social factors, which provide both motivation and opportunity for contact-induced changes of all kinds, including morphological transfer. The influence of social factors is seen most strikingly in instances of deliberate language change, where linguistic factors such as typological congruence between source language and receiving language appear to play little role in determining the linguistic results of contact. All these statements will be supported by examples of morphological transfer from a wide variety of contact situations around the world.

Lipsius Building (Cleveringaplaats 1), room 028
Time: 15:30 - 17:00

1 November 2013: Onno Crasborn

On Friday 1 November Onno Crasborn from the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen will give a talk. More information on this lecture will appear on this website in due time.

22 November 2013: Enoch Aboh

On Friday 22 November Enoch Aboh from the Universiteit van Amsterdam will give a talk. More information on this lecture will appear on this website in due time.

13 December 2013: Antonella Sorace

On Friday 13 December Antonella Sorace will give a talk. More information on this lecture will appear on this website in due time.

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