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Call for proposals

The Profile Area "Language Diversity in the World" has sources available for young, talented researchers who want to invest in their academic career. Until 15 September you are invited to send in your proposal.

African fairy tale

Disney is planning to make a film about an American girl who wants to become an African princess. This idea, however, has sparked controversy. Interested by the apparent lack of true African princesses in fairy tales, Belgian radio programme Braakland asked professor Maarten Mous (LUCL) to share an African fairy tale about a princess.

2-5 September 2015: SLE

LUCL is proud to be the host of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE), which will be held at the Faculty of Humanities from Wednesday 2 September up to and including Saturday 5 September 2015. 

21-25 May 2014: 35th American Indian Workshop

The American Indian Workshop (AIW) has become the most important European scholarly platform for research concerned with topics related to the Indigenous Peoples of North America. From 21 to 25 May 2014 the AIW's 35th edition will be organized at the University of Leiden.

9-11 October 2013: Centenary Conference of Slavic Studies

In 2013, Leiden University celebrates the centenary of its Chair in Slavic Languages, one of the first professorial chairs in Slavic Studies in Europe. On this occasion, the department for Russian Studies is organizing an international conference on a theme that connects Russian language and area studies: The Language of Power and the Power of Language . The conference will be held from October 9 to 11, 2013.

24-26 October 2013: KNAW Conference Diversity and Universals in Language, Culture, and Cognition

On 24-26 October, the KNAW Conference Diversity and Universals in Language, Culture, and Cognition will take place at Leiden University. This event will bring together leading experts from linguistics, anthropology, cognitive science and neighboring fields to pursue answers to questions concerning diversity and universals in human behavior. More information on this conference can be found on the conference website .

2-3 November 2013: Arabic in Context

The year 2013 marks the 400th anniversary of Leiden’s chair in Arabic Language and Culture. To celebrate this memorable event, the Leiden Institute for Area Studies and the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics will convene a conference that will bring together Arabicists, Semiticists, historians, and epigraphists to discuss original research on the pre- and early history of Arabic. The conference will take place on 2 and 3 November.

Remarkably diverse language research

Phonologists, syntacticians, theoretical linguists and psycho- and sociolinguists work together in the University's research profile area on Language Diversity in the World. Three PhD research projects are due to start in September and a symposium is in preparation.  

Colloquium Dan Everett

On Tuesday 15 May, Dan Everett (Bentley University) gave a talk on 'Language: the Cultural Tool'. Prior to the lecture, his film 'The Grammar of Happiness' was screened.