27-28 September 2013: Workshop Intentional (Contact-Induced) Language Change


This workshop explores intentional language change, that is all language change (or non-change) which is triggered or carried out deliberately and with clearly identifiable social motivations. Some would claim that all language change is to some extent intentional. Yet, there are many different degrees and types of intentional change. For instance, some speech communities consciously decide to change an entire lexicon, with the purpose of setting themselves apart from neighbouring communities. In other cases, linguistic taboo (the prohibition to utter certain words) can cause extreme changes in the lexicon. Combining theory and case studies, we hope to provide a coherent overview of, and shed light on, intentional change.

Workshop and Masterclass

The workshop kicks off on Friday the 27th of September (from 9:00 to 11:00) with a masterclass taught by the contact linguist Sarah Thomason (University of Michigan). The aim of the masterclass is to provide a general introduction into the topic as well as an overview of the state of the art. We very much encourage students from all masters and research masters in linguistics to participate. There is no registration fee, but if you plan to participate, please write an email to the organizers: . After the masterclass, the workshop will continue with regular plenary papers in which fascinating case studies will be presented.

Workshop Website

For more information on this workshop, please follow this link to the main website.

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