Dialects entangled

'Dialects entangled' focuses on the development of the Albanian (Arbëreshë) dialects spoken in three regions of Southern Italy in light of their contact with different Southern Italian Dialects as well as with standard Italian.

Voices on birchbark: Reconstructing the pragmatics of Old Russian birchbark letters

The field of berestology (derived from the Russian word berësta ‘birchbark’) is concerned with the interdisciplinary study of a corpus of medieval Russian texts scratched with a sharp pointed stylus on small pieces of the inner bark of a birch tree. Most of these texts are letters dealing with a broad range of topics pertaining to everyday life in the area of (Velikij) Novgorod; they originate from the 11th to the 15th centuries.

New perspectives on Slavic aspect

The project 'New Perspectives on Slavic Verbal Aspect' concentrates on the functions of Slavic verbal aspect in Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian and their relation to the functions of Slavic verbal aspect in the modern Slavic languages.

Plural as value of Cushitic gender: a psycholinguistic study

The gender systems of Cushitic languages in East Africa have the intriguing property that the third value of gender is plural. The research project "Plural as value of Cushitic gender" aims at investigating the question whether the third value for gender is a proper gender feature or rather associated with properties of number.