Results of "Democratic Audit" offered to Gerdi Verbeet

The first results of the “Democratic Audit” were offered to the Speaker of the Dutch parliament, Mrs Gerdi Verbeet. The Democratic audit is a project in which the functioning of the Dutch political system is vetted.

About fifty researchers in the fields of public administration and political science have contributed to the research project. They have combined their knowledge and research on various aspects of the Dutch democracy, and presented in an accessible manner, which is aimed at the general public. They hope to contribute to the public debate on the functioning and legitimacy of democracy in the Netherlands.

Rudy Andeweg, professor of Political Science at Leiden University, was one of the initiators of the project. Many other researchers affiliated to the research profile area Political Legitimacy: Institutions and Identities have also contributed to the bundle “Democratie doorgelicht” (Democracy Vetted) which presents the findings of the researchers. In a separate volume the project leaders, Rudy Andeweg and Jacques Thomassen, summarise these findings and offer their view on the debate on democratic reform.

Last Modified: 18-03-2011